Ok, I first saw santa Monicas forum about 2 months ago and I was sold. I have been researching ,planning, and building ever since. Finally I Have finished and have my "Alginator" in the line. Hasta la vista algae.
I went with the acrylic box design and tied it in line from my overflow (less pump noise, cheaper, and takes less space). The only thing I had a problem with my whole setup was drainage. The amount of water i neede to coat the entire screen was just filling up the box, so i had to add 2 more drains. Works like a champ so far.
Ok so here are the pictures from before.
Here is all the stubborn hair algae

I plumbed the alginator from both the overflow tubes (very good water coverage on the screen)

Some pictures of the unit and where I squeezed it in.

The screen after 3 days

I had to add drains because my flow was so strong (very easy)

Finally the drain system I came up with (trial and error)

I added a huge clump of polyester filter fiber (pillow stuffing) where the water finally enters the sump it took care of a lot of the micro bubbles

I will add more after it starts do its job. Hopefully they will be algae free pictures accept for the ones of the screen.