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Thread: Seahorse and Coral ID plz

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    Seahorse and Coral ID plz

    I found that coral and seahorse around n LFS here,the horse was just to awesome to go un noticed was gliding thier 5' x3' tank happily,with damsels and a clown pair(worst scenario for him though).
    So I just wanna know what that horse is and the coral was under shades on 20000K metal halide on the bottom of same 3 foot high tank.looked kinda bleached.
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    Re: Seahorse and Coral ID plz

    Not sure about the coral, but the seahorse looks like a Hippocampus Erectus aka Lined seahorse. The broad chest, shorter snout, and lack of cirri to me looks like an Erectus. A male because of the pouch. Just make sure it's eating frozen food unless you have the capabilities to feed it live food (brine or other small shrimp) that has been gut loaded with vitamins.

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    Re: Seahorse and Coral ID plz

    thats either a nem or a galaxy coral imo

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