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Thread: Feed pipe size matter ??

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    Feed pipe size matter ??

    HEllo again

    I already have 2 inch (ID) PVC from my overflow box to my sump, I would like to keep this. can i use 2inch where the screen goes into without any ill affects? I assume only the size of the slit would matter right?

    I also though about spray bar but could not find if they are effective, this would alow easy removing of the screen, but i think i may just go with a 2inch union :mrgreen:

    also what can i cut and shape the acrylic with? the score and brake methode does not alow much room for a custom shape LOL and seems labor intensive.

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    Re: Feed pipe size matter ??

    2" is ok. Use a dremel saw, after you draw the lines on the pipe.

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