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Thread: thoughts on running a scrubber in a garage?

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    thoughts on running a scrubber in a garage?

    Would it be OK to run a scrubber in a garage and have it plumbed into a tank? I have a 135 on a shared wall with the garage, and was tempted to run a line to the garage and have the scrubber out there. I'm just not sure how temp swings will affect it, or exactly how I plan on doing it. Just run a line out, have the scrubber in some sort of enclosure, either a tank, tackle box, acrylic enclosure, etc. and then plumb it into the tank. Thoughts?

    I know this is a 6ft tank, but I just don't have the space I want underneath the tank to run it.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: thoughts on running a scrubber in a garage?

    If the scrubber is enclosed, it won't be affected by temperature. And you can set the scrubber up high, so it can drain down into the display.

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