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Thread: cycling new reef tank

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    cycling new reef tank


    I'm new and glad I found this helpfull forum. I'm in a process of designing my new ATS, and I need to start up my new reef tank (90% dead live rock and 10% live rock)

    So, I'll start with first question I have.

    Do I need to use ATS in the very beginining of cycling my new tank? or ............ maybe after couple weeks, first to chek NH4 level........... :?:

    Thanks a lot,

    PS. I will introduce this forum to all my friends

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    Re: cycling new reef tank

    I have just been through this. I used cured live rock so had to ghost feed a bit to keep the bacteria up. I noticed that the scrubber didnt grow at all during the first few weeks till my grams were in check. Once I put in a couple of clowns it started growing straight away. Need to feed a fair bit to get the scrubber growing. Much more then i expected to feed to begin with. I cleaned off one brownish screen. Now its all green. Good luck.

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