Hello again

I haven't made my scrubber because my DIY sump is working well and the algae in my tank is not out of control. Now that the tank is stable I would like to make a scrubber (my 75 gallon)

but my 40 and my 10 the algae is horabe !!! ahhhhhhhhhh So i would like to tackle these first

idea i had since flow is the issue and i noticed the algae still grows if its covered with water, and the water will cool the algae also

what if i made a vertical scrubber.

3-6 inches wide with 1-2 inches thick 3 foot long with lights on each side, water returned to tank like a HOB filter (or return to HOB filter for mechanical filter (FW tank) screen would hang in the is and be close to lights, goal would be to make this no more then 5inches total width like a HOB filter.

a pump would pump water to from the tank to the bottom of the "column" the water would flow up over the screen and back into the tank. the water would cool the screen from the lights being close (not high power lights because you can put them close.)

you could even put a some foam in the top to stop any brake away of algae from entering the tank.

what do you think ? the screen would be easy to lift out the top and you would have 108 (3 inch wide) to 216 (6 inch wide) inches square of dual side screen area.

My coralife lights grow algae really well in the tank with the 2 bulbs and with the blue bulb in the 40 gallon is it bad very very bad lol. the lights are any 1 inch thick and are warm to touch but not hot. each light as 2 bulbs.

if you need more i can make a drawing and post it up for a visual

I may even sacrifice an old HOB filter to use it pump and just extend the bottom of it down will look more

these are the lights i would use ( only the FW version with 6700K lights and the blue light)

http://www.petstore.com/Coralife_Aquali ... FL-vi.html

21W x2 = 42w over 36 inches per side i will try both the 6700K light in on on one side and the color max bulb in the other side to compare growth