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Thread: SantaMonica's bucket filter

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    SantaMonica's bucket filter

    I have a question. I noticed in your threads on this site, and other forums as well, that you used the bucket version of the ATS. I know you possess the acrylic box now. Your bucket had a, I would say, 10 by 12 inch screen. It was lit on both sides by only one 23 watt CFL flood light on each side. That would equate to less than 0.5 watts per gallon for your reef. Did you feed less when you had the bucket version or was it still able to handle a lot of food?

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    Re: SantaMonica's bucket filter

    That was the first version, before a lot of facts were known. I was not liquid-feeding then, so I was feeding much less. Plus, it never grew a lot of green... the lights were too far off to the side.

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