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Thread: Need Some HELP ASAP

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    Need Some HELP ASAP

    So, I've been using the 2 screens sandwiched together for my ATS and everything has been working great for the last 4 months or so. But it's been a constant battle trying to get the flow even, and to keep the water on the OUTSIDE of the screens instead of running between the screens. Anyway, long story short. I took SM's advise tonight and changed it over to a single screen. The flow is great and I'll get it dialed in with my bypass valve so it's nice and even BUT......

    What should I do with the 2nd screen???? This is a fully developed screen and it would be a shame for it to go to waste. It's 13.5" wide and 12" tall. I don't have room in my sump to set up a 2nd screen with lighting and everything. I put it in my sump for now (submerged) just to keep it wet but, what should I do with it???

    Are there any people here the think the sandwiched together screens work better than the single? Are there any advantages to it?
    ALSO, is there any problem with keeping the 2nd screen in my sump until I figure out what to do with it?


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    Re: Need Some HELP ASAP

    really,, if it was me, would not have a clue to what to do with it,, give it to a buddy,, but if your like me, i'm the only one in my area running a scrubber, so I would not know who to even give a screen to.. Keep it wet and make a post on your local craiglist or simply clean it up and put it away i guess.

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    Re: Need Some HELP ASAP

    Build a scrubber for someone else and include that screen. It will last about 3 days in the sump.

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